Is it Screened Top Soil or Dirt?

Oct 07 2015

Screened topsoil is processed by passing natural ‘As dug’ topsoil over modern screening equipment to remove all large stones and other deleterious materials, such as plant roots, leaves and clay depending on the source. This creates a soil that is ideal for flower beds, rockeries and any garden that needs reinvigorating or where drainage is a problem.

General purpose screened topsoil is designed to be used in all areas of the garden. We only use natural topsoil’s that are peat-free to produce our products. We have a range of screened topsoil available from 3mm to 10mm depending on the clients’ requirements.

Typical uses:

  1. General landscaping
  2. Garden renovation
  3. Vegetable patch
  4. Raised beds
  5. Flower beds


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