Armour Stone Ontario

Armourstone, refers to large, heavy, and durable stones that are specifically selected and used for erosion control and protection of coastal and riverbank areas. These stones are typically characterized by their size, strength, and resistance to natural forces such as water currents, waves, and ice.

Erosion Control

Here are some key points about armourstone:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of armourstone is to provide protection against erosion caused by water and other natural forces. They are used in various applications where stabilization and defense of shorelines, riverbanks, breakwaters, or other areas susceptible to erosion are needed.

  2. Characteristics: Armourstones are typically large, ranging in size from several kilograms to several tons. They are selected for their ability to withstand wave action, hydraulic forces, and impacts. The stones are usually rough and irregular in shape, ensuring interlocking and stability when placed together.

  3. Material: Armourstone is commonly made of durable rocks such as granite, limestone, or basalt, which have high resistance to erosion. These stones are sourced from quarries or obtained from natural deposits that meet the required specifications.

  4. Placement: Armourstone is carefully placed in specific configurations to form protective structures or barriers. The stones are typically stacked or placed in revetments, groins, breakwaters, or seawalls, depending on the particular project and its design requirements.

  5. Benefits: The use of armourstone helps reduce erosion and protects infrastructure, buildings, and natural habitats from the damaging effects of water and wave action. It provides stability to shorelines, preventing land loss and maintaining the integrity of coastal and riverbank areas.

Armourstone plays a vital role in coastal engineering and shoreline protection projects. Its selection and placement require careful planning, engineering expertise, and adherence to local regulations and guidelines to ensure effective erosion control and long-term durability.

Armour Stone is a natural quarry rock that is extremely large in size and usually comes in a rectangular shape. Armour Stone is drilled and blasted out of the ground in quarries from our quarry in Buckhorn. Armour Stone comes in a range of sizes from appx 8-48” in height, 3-6’ in length, and 24-48” in depth.


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