Hauling is the core service offered by Glenn Windrem Trucking. Whether your hauling needs are large or small, we strive to complete the job in a timely and efficient manner. As expected, hauling commercial quality material is a complicated process that involves many aspects to perform a job safely and effectively. Our hauling includes:

  • Aggregate Supply & Delivery  Peterborough Trucking company
  • Specialty Stone Production
  • Truck Rentals - Hourly/Tonne Mile
  • Float Service (Heavy Equipment)
  • Live Bottoms – Ejector Trailers –
  • Triaxle Truck & Pups
  • Supply Chain Management
  • MOE License for Non Haz –
  • Contaminated Waste Haul/Disposal

    With Hauling material from location to location there are many details involved , Glenn Windrem Trucking ensures that none of the details go overlooked. We start by providing the proper equipment required for each job. All of our equipment is reliable and undergoes routine inspection at our own shop to maintain proper safety standards. In addition,  Our drivers are very experienced in how to properly and safely carry large amounts of material to their destinations.

    Other qualities of proper hauling technique involve obtaining the necessary permits and licenses, maintaining reliable insurance, and planning safe transportation routes. The actual transportation aspect of hauling loads also requires the knowledge and enforcement of different regulations mandated by Provincial governments.

    Despite the vast complexity involved in hauling aggregate material, Glenn Windrem Trucking has the experience and expertise to complete the task.